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Whether you are preparing to sell your unwanted valuables or better understand a family heirloom, our experts will discuss and evaluate your merchandise right in front of you and there is never any fee or obligation to sell.

There are many ways to discuss the value of your merchandise but it is almost always necessary to see it in person. Bring it to:

Blue Diamond
2602 N Loop 1604 W, Suite #102
(at Bitter/Rogers Ranch)
San Antonio, Texas 78248

Open Tuesday-Saturday

Some items can be accurately evaluated without even seeing them. We did it for 2 years on KLUPs radio show, "In the Money". We can give you expert information on certain coins and collectibles right on the phone. Call us:

(210) 592-8786

If you live outside of the San Antonio area and you need our help to evaluate your jewelry, diamonds, coins or just about any other valuable, you can send it to us. With no obligation, we can discuss its value, make a cash offer or sell it for you at one of our venues. The choice is yours!

While your merchandise is in our possession, it is always insured and stored in our secure facility. We have more credentials than any other buyers in South Texas, so when you deal with us, you can deal with confidence.