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If you're shopping for a firearm, check our inventory first. We offer a wide array of firearms, ammunition and accessories at very competitive prices. When you buy a firearm from Blue Diamond, there is never a transfer fee.

If, however, you purchase a firearm elsewhere and need it shipped to you, we can serve as your federally-licensed receiving center for a low, low fee. Here's how it works:

  1. Upon completion of the sale, the seller will ask for the Federal Firearms License (FFL) of the local dealer where you would like to pick up your firearm. Simply download a copy of our FFL and email or fax it to the seller. Make sure that the seller includes your name and phone number with the shipment. We will notify you when we receive your firearm.*
  2. Then, bring your Texas driver's license or CHL to Blue Diamond. We'll provide you with a one-page form to fill out and, if you don't have a CHL, we'll clear your purchase with a NICS background check.
  3. Then, pay the transfer fee and you're on your way: we charge $25 for a handgun, long gun or receiver. If you are transferring multiple firearms in a single transaction, each additional firearm is only $10. We do transfers for only $10 for any active law enforcement, active military or veterans to say "thank you" for your service. The entire process will usually take just a few minutes.

It's just that easy. Ya gotta love Texas!

*Any items not picked up from us within 90 days of our receipt, will be considered abandoned. Please pick up in a timely manner.